Steampunk Star Wars

Lord Vader

More machine than man, Vader is the Empire's most decorated General and a very powerful practitioner of the Force's dark arts. He is obsessed with communicating with the spirits of the dead, spending every sleepless night trying in vain to contact his lost love. Twisted and broken in body and mind, Vader is driven with sadistic passion.

He is a master with the traditional weapon of Force champions, the Phlogisticated Aether Torch, more commonly referred to as the phlogisabre.

Han Solo & Mr. Chewbacca

Han Solo is a notorious gambler, con artist and smuggler. Mr. Chewbacca is his Wookiee partner in crime. The duo is wanted by both the Empire and a number of underworld crime lords, but they manage to stay one step ahead of their pursuers thanks to their ship, the Millennium Falcon, said to be the fastest ship in the galaxy. Solo is also known for his quick draw with a pistol. He boasts that of all the men he's shot, not a single one was able to shoot first.

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Lady Leia, Princess of Alderaan

Alderaan's Princess and ambassador, Lady Leia's fiery, confident personality and sharp intellect made her a very strong and influential diplomat extremely critical of Imperial policies. Her speeches and public image were instrumental in generating sympathy for the rebel cause. Using her diplomatic connections to gain access to highly guarded information and smuggle supplies, she was an integral member of the Resistance.

As a member of Alderaan's royal family, Leia grew up in the lap of luxury. During her childhood she was widely adored as a public darling, famous for her curly hair and her performances of the Alderaan Global Anthem at royal events. She was a powerful symbol of hope and optimism in a troubled time. However, as a teenager she suddenly withdrew from the public spotlight and began studying at a private school. This withdrawal coincided with the unprecedented government censorship of a popular musical (Gilbert & Snootles' HMS Executor, a comic opera that was highly critical of the Empire), an act which drew much ire from the people of Alderaan, who saw it as the royal family allowing the Empire to meddle in Alderaanian affairs.

When she turned 17, Leia joined the Alderaanian military. (Although the royal family was not technically exempt from Alderaan's mandatory year of military service, Leia was the first princess in over 400 years to actually serve her time.) After two years in the service, she had become an adept marksman and had even led a number of peacekeeping missions in Rodian territories. It is believed that it was during this time that she joined the Resistance, and may have even had a hand in organizing it into the significant force it became.

After the destruction of Alderaan, Lady Leia became not only an important member of the Resistance, but once again she became a symbol of hope and a powerful reminder of the Empire's atrocities.

Massive Solar-Orbiting Electro-Mechanical Analytic Engine, Mark 6

This enormous Imperial space station, the size of a small moon or asteroid, is in fact an immense analytic engine, a device capable of making millions of calculations every day. Inside is kilometer after kilometer of tubes and wheels, cranks and gears, all spinning and clacking, spitting out an endless series of numbers for the Imperials scientists to decipher.

Although the Empire has half a dozen such devices in operation throughout the galaxy, this version is unique. While the others spend their days crunching statistical algorithms or calculating flight models, the Mark 6 station (under the personal watch of Lord Vader) is dedicated to experiments with Arcane Mathematics, the mathematical study of the Force. They hope to discover a unified Force theory, allowing them to fuse the power of the Force with their technology to create unspeakably powerful weapons. The station already houses a product of this research, a terrible weapon capable of directing a coherent beam of pure Force energy1, strong enough to destroy all life on an entire planet. This weapon has earned the station the nickname of "Death Star".

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Jabba The Hutt

Jabba the Hutt is the ruler of the desert planet Tattooine. Formerly an underworld crime boss, Jabba took the throne in a bloody coup. It's rumoured during the coup he was being supplied weapons by the Empire, but once in power he turned his back on them and continued his illegal activities with far more power and wealth than he could have ever amassed in the underworld.

Jabba is a model of opulence and excess. His corpulence is the physical embodiment of all seven mortal sins. He dresses only in fine Sarlacc silks, regularly partakes in feasts of rare and endangered animals such as the giant Krayt Dragon, and has a harem of concubines representing every humanoid species known in the galaxy.

Sir Obi Wan Kenobi

As a young man in the days of the Republic, Sir Obi Wan Kenobi was an agent for the Jedi League of Force Champions. He is intimately acquainted with the dark side of the force, as he spent nearly a decade undercover within the Sith Brotherhood, secretly trying to uncover the identity of the organization's Patriarch. His time on the dark side left permanent scars upon his soul and to this day he battles the temptation to indulge his darker emotions.

When his identity was compromised and he was forced to escape the Sith Brotherhood, Obi Wan returned to the Jedi League. Many years of service later, he was chosen to mentor a new agent to continue his undercover work: a young boy named Anakin, groomed by the League especially for this role. Obi Wan spent many years raising and training the boy, but when the time came for Anakin to infiltrate the Brotherhood, the boy was overwhelmed and seduced by the power it offered him. He ultimately betrayed Obi Wan and the League, forcing Obi Wan to kill him. Whatever remained of Anakin after that battle became the creature known as Lord Vader.

Obi Wan has spent the last twenty years living as a hermit on Tatooine, hidden from the Empire, studying the secrets of the Force and keeping watch over a child he swore an oath to protect.

Captain Ackbar

A scientific genius with a troubled mind, Captain Ackbar spent much of his life roaming the stars in a ship of his own design. After witnessing his homeworld captured and his people enslaved by the Empire, he gathered a loyal crew and fled into deep space, planning to escape civilization entirely.

For the next sixteen years, not a trace of Ackbar or his crew was seen. Meanwhile, the Empire continued to spread, and soon even the darkest corners of the galaxy would hold no sanctuary for Ackbar. Then, as suddenly as he disappeared, a surprise attack on a vital Imperial supply ship signaled Ackbar's return, and the beginning of a long and impressive guerrilla campaign against the Empire. Like a phantom, Ackbar and his ship haunted the Empire, swooping in and hitting them whenever and wherever they were most vulnerable, then disappearing into the void without a trace. The stories of his deeds made him a folk hero among resistance supporters and a fearsome figure to Imperial Stormtroops.

After the annihilation of Alderaan, Ackbar ended his lone campaign and officially joined forces with the Resistance.